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MCT Manufacture Premium Tungsten Carbide Grit/Powder
Types of Welding:
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
  • Arc Spraying
  • Plasma
  • Spray-and-Fuse​​​​​​​
Most Popular Welding - MIG
MIG welding is applied widely across many industries due to its simplicity of operation and low expenses. Hardfacing is commonly applied by using the MIG welding process. Materials include martensitic alloys, chrome/tungsten carbide and nickel/cobalt alloys etc.. MIG welding has a relatively high heat input, as such, distortion of wear parts can be a problem. The quality of cermet/tungsten carbide grits will be another issue.
We are an expert in this type of welding. As a tungsten carbide manufacturer, we produce tungsten carbide grits by ourselves. We know well how to optimize the properties and grade of the materials to suit different actual working conditions of the parts applied.

You can count on our products and welding techniques.
MCT is more than just a manufacturer, MCT is a solution provider!


Road Construction

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing are widely applied to G.E.T. like Grader, Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer, Trencher, Railway Tamper, Road Milling wear parts, such as Cutting Edges, Rippers, Bucket Teeth, Scarifier tips, Sider Liners, Side Cutters, Chocky Bars, Milling Picks, Lip Shrouds, Heel Shrouds, Grouser Plates, Trencher Teeth, Tamping Tools, Cutter Tips and many more.

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing are widely applied to Aggregates&Quarries industry, VSI Crusher, Concrete Mixer, Conveyor Belt Cleaner wear parts like Rotor Tip Set, Top/Bottom Wear Plate, Trail Plate, Back-up Tip Set, Mixer Arms, Mixer Blades, Mixer Side Liners, Mixer Paddles, Conveyor Belt Cleaner Blades etc.

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing are widely applied to Agriculture&Forestry machineries tillage tools like Chisel, Disc Plow, Subsoiler, Disc Harrow, Field Cultivator, Rotary Hoe/Tiller, Shoot Opener, Forestry Mulcher, Stump Cutter, Debarker, Wood Chipper, Hammer Mill, wear parts such as Mulcher Teeth, Stump Cutter Teeth, Debarker Tips, Wood Chipper Blades, Anvils, Hammer Mill Hammers, Cultivator Knife Points, Soiler Tips, Scrapers, Cultivator Sweeps, Harrow Tines, Chisels, Shoot Openers, Fertilizer Tips, Slasher Blades etc.

There are still many other fields what we can apply Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing to to enhance wear resistance, corrosion resistance.


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MCT is an exporting manufacturer focusing on Tungsten Carbide and its wear solutions for Road Maintenance& Construction, Aggregates&QuarriesForestry&Agriculture and Mining industry. 
With more than 20 years' rich experience on products application of end users and 500 tons capacity of tungsten carbide, MCT definitely believe that our quality & services will satisfy your market.


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