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  • 2024
    Used robot on production line,  our capacity greatly improved.
  • 2023
    Moved to new factory, more humane working environment
  • 2022

    Research on Cermet application to replace tungsten carbide as ARM

  • 2021

    Build new factory 15000 square meter

  • 2018

    Set foot in Joma style edges and carbide inserts for Snow Removal

  • 2017

    Upgrade gluing to brazing for all carbide wear parts

  • 2013

    Top leader of carbide wear parts for Aggregates&Quarries in China

  • 2008

    Set foot in carbide wear parts for Aggregates&Quarries

  • 2003

    Set foot in carbide wear parts for Oil and Mining

MCT is an international successful manufacturer who focuses on wear parts of tungsten carbide and cermet for road maintenance&construction, aggregates&quarries, forestry&agriculture. We forge bright ideas.

Our old factory was built in 2003 to produce carbide inserts for oil and mining industry, with a small team 5 - 7 people. The first turning point is the great earthquake on 12 May, 2008. Home-rebuilding is a trend after that devastating disaster. Huge of sand are required for building new houses, hospitals, schools, highways, roads...so factory catched the chance to supply carbide rotor tips and rotor bits for VSI crusher of sand making. After 5 years' rapid expansion, we became a top 3 manufacturer of carbide wear parts in China and started to enter oversea market in 2015.

According to our deep investigation, we found out huge market of carbide wear parts for snow removal in North America, and set foot in this industry in 2018, which is similar logic with crushing industry. This is the second turning point for MCT! Till 2021, we already were the top 5 manufacturer in this industry, even the only one supplier for some wear parts, by the big team over 60 people.

We invested over 3 million USD to build a large new factory in 2021 to expand our capacity to 500 Tons of tungsten carbide per year. More importantly, we formed our own industrial chain advantages step by step.

The serious competition makes us think more about innovation. Making difference is a must! How to prolong our wear parts’ life time is our pursuit all the time. We believe our new material Cermet, for replacing tungsten carbide, will serve the market more and better.

On 1st January, 2024, MCT's new logo was designed and used to be in line with company strategic development. The new logo symbolizes that MCT is going to generate more new concepts in the field of carbide wear parts and wear solutions.

MCT always think more about future, think different from others. We are here to do the best thing.
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MCT is an exporting manufacturer focusing on Tungsten Carbide and its wear solutions for Road Maintenance& Construction, Aggregates&QuarriesForestry&Agriculture and Mining industry. 
With more than 20 years' rich experience on products application of end users and 500 tons capacity of tungsten carbide, MCT definitely believe that our quality & services will satisfy your market.


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