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Our Tungsten Carbide Inserts for belt scraper blades represent the pinnacle of wear resistance in conveyor belt cleaning solutions. These inserts are meticulously crafted to ensure efficient removal of residual materials, thereby extending the service life of your conveyor system and reducing maintenance costs.
MCT supply any sizes of tungsten carbide inserts to fit your scraper blades.

Tungsten Carbide Belt Scraper

Superior Wear Resistance: Made from high-quality Tungsten Carbide, these inserts are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and resist wear from abrasive materials

Inserts for Belt Scraper

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for easy installation and low maintenance, our Tungsten Carbide inserts reduce downtime and ensure a seamless cleaning process.

Belt Scraper/Cleaner Blades

Strong Wear-resistance: Our Tungsten Carbide inserts for belt scraper blades are designed to provide a high level of wear resistance and durability in conveyor belt cleaning systems.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts for Belt Scraper Blades

Why Choose: Selecting our Tungsten Carbide Inserts means investing in a reliable and long-lasting solution for your conveyor belt cleaning needs.


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MCT is an exporting manufacturer focusing on Tungsten Carbide and its wear solutions for Road Maintenance& Construction, Aggregates&QuarriesForestry&Agriculture and Mining industry. 
With more than 20 years' rich experience on products application of end users and 500 tons capacity of tungsten carbide, MCT definitely believe that our quality & services will satisfy your market.


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